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What social network has been on the web long before TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is home to more than 600 million professional profiles, and rolling out nearly an unlimited supply of network connections and job opportunities daily? You guessed right; it’s LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a virtual resume that adds value to the two popular types of resume formats. A job seeker who has a profile on LinkedIn maintains the right kind of social relevance sought after by top talent scouts worldwide. Simply because LinkedIn is more than just another social network and not just any run of the mill resume builder.

A professionally curated LinkedIn profile will get your professional brand, name, and identity online exposure in over 200 countries. This enables you to get noticed and identified while growing inside a socially relevant network that caters to your skillset.

From a job seeker’s perspective, LinkedIn is another tool that you can use to help get ahead when searching for a new job. Get actively involved in forums, join groups that share the same interests, and meet like-minded individuals. It’s Facebook without the drama, and best of all, LinkedIn is free with paid options.

How can you actually get ahead on LinkedIn, and how far can it take your resume?

New opportunities exist every now and then throughout LinkedIn, sometimes in a different format than traditional job boards. When you have established a LinkedIn network for yourself, people on your network can recommend or endorse you for openings within your network.

As more companies move towards standardized online applications, having a profile on LinkedIn can get you to connect with current and former colleagues. This is a huge advantage since potential hiring managers will not only be viewing your profile, but will also check on who you’re virtually connected to.

If you’ve never Googled yourself, now is the time. Just be sure that whatever pops up on the first page of results is something you can be proud of. One of the first things an employer is likely to do is Google your name and check out your social media.

The bottom line is that adding your LinkedIn profile to your resume will open doors to limitless opportunities and networks that you may not have been aware of. Include your LinkedIn profile URL with the rest of your contact information near the top of your resume. To locate your profile URL, navigate to your personal profile page on LinkedIn, also known as the “me” page. Near the top right you will see an “Edit URL” section. This is where you can change and copy your profile URL. Keeping your profile URL the same as your full name is usually the best practice.

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