The right cover letter will help you land a job at first glance | Sam Havelock

The final portion of this cover letter series will focus on how cover letters provide a lasting impression, good or bad, on the HR manager. Your cover letter should be an addition to your resume that highlights the aspects you don’t want to get lost and depicts your unique story. A solid cover letter needs to pay strong attention to detail, proper grammar and spelling, and end with a strong closing statement.

Cover Letter Must-Haves

While your resume is the center pillar of a job application, the HR manager still relies on cover letters to gauge the applicant. Your personality, attention to detail, and communication skills are assessed and judged by the way your cover letter is written. In order to put your best foot forward, here are some aspects to double check for when writing your cover letter:

1. Keep an eye on your primary point of view. Write the entire cover letter from the same point of view, and try to focus on this early on so you don’t have to go back and change your work.

2. Always check your spelling and grammar. Your Google or Microsoft document software will not catch everything, and it is easy to type an incorrect similar word that autocorrect won’t pick up on.

3. Mind the flow of your content. Your letter should be easy to follow and not jump around.

4. Tie your conclusion back to the introduction. Last impressions matter, so focus on a piece of experience that helps you stand out, followed by a respectful sign off.

Final Thoughts

Watching for these smaller aspects of your cover letter may seem time consuming, but they are the key to getting your message across. Plus, having poor grammar and flow in your letter will make it appear rushed and unprofessional. Putting in the extra time to making your writing the best it can be will get you past some of the big disqualifiers HR managers look for right off the bat.

As a job seeker, an effective cover letter shares your story, education, work history, and why you are the best fit for the job in a brief yet compelling manner. Always try to customize each cover letter you write for the job you are applying for, rather than using the same one every time. The more suited you appear for the job based on your cover letter, the more likely the HR manager will give your resume a stronger look.

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