A breakdown of the most popular job boards and to utilize each one | Sam Havelock

The days of circling job adverts in the newspaper are long gone. Today, job boards act as the most popular platform to search for new opportunities. Rather than reading through the classified ads section that only contained a few local openings, job boards help you reach thousands of employers and recruiters with just a few clicks. While this provides many new opportunities that you can access from your phone, it also means that job boards are competitive places.

For the most part, job boards allow job seekers and employers to connect. But before you submit your resume and cover letter to as many companies as possible, it pays to know which job boards commit to getting your application where it needs to go. Employers posting on job boards can receive hundreds of candidate applications leaving HR managers and recruiters to sift through thousands of CVs. Understanding the reach and specialties of each job board will help ensure efficiency and effectiveness, and ensure you amplify the chances of finding your next job.

If you’ve looked at job boards in the past, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, and LinkedIn. These four platforms all provide job postings but have unique conditions and support. Let’s learn which job board has the best platform available online, what support systems are in place for the job seeker, and most importantly, which suits your application best.

Rapidly growing, fast-moving, and highly capable of getting job seekers hired, Indeed is one of the most popular job boards on the planet. Indeed has a whopping record of more than 200 million visitors per month with services available in over 60 countries and a website translated into 28 different languages. By far, it now covers 94% of global GDP and largely contributes to global recruitment processes with a unique pay-for-performance recruitment and advertising network.

Primarily serving as a job board for candidates, this job board also aids employers in finding potential job seekers with the help of a SEO powered, web crawling engine. Publishing and finding opportunities on this job portal relies heavily on several relevant keywords. An AI assisted process helps to identify and match your skills with the right culture and employer. When details are entered properly, the algorithms help you gain access to profiles of potential employers, and vice versa.

Much like Indeed, CareerBuilder shares the same functions and offers a similar service for the employer and the job seeker. The portal helps employers find, hire, and manage great people much like any other job board and streamlines the candidate list for each job specific opportunity. Whereas Indeed treats every job with equal opportunities for every qualified job seeker, CareerBuilder focuses more on college-educated candidates.

Boasting of a direct relationship with most Fortune 500 companies, CareerBuilder has been at the forefront of innovation for nearly over 20 years. CareerBuilder has invested heavily on data and technology when it comes to the human capital management space, making it more expensive for employers as it effectively weeds out the less serious and unqualified applicants.


Monster caters popularly to teenagers, temporary job seekers, those with only a high school education, and those who are fresh out of college. Employers hiring for entry-level positions are likely to use Monster since the portal receives more traffic than the rest at this level and lets prospective employers filter and manage applications efficiently.

Despite Monster.com being classified as an industry dinosaur, the portal has proven itself with major trust ratings from big companies that matter. In true fashion of internet success, Monster has established itself successfully as a brand. This has been the key to their sustainability, and the fact that Monster has helped many jobseekers and hiring companies match up their skills throughout the years.


Ask any hiring manager or recruiter where they search to find talent, and those who know will always tell you they are actively looking on LinkedIn. As the most popular social media platform for working professionals, LinkedIn allows employers and job seekers to connect, share resumes, and advertise available positions. Everything a job board does for both ends and more.

There are plenty of niche job boards worth going to as a job seeker, but none are quite like LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, your job search results will be more productive by tying it up directly to a network connected with the right contacts. Serving as a database for open opportunities, LinkedIn is a digital resume platform and a social networking tool all in one. Unlike most other job portals and sites, LinkedIn allows the candidate job seeker to add recruiters and other people of interest to a virtual network, thus making it the best website for connecting directly with real people at every level of the corporate ladder.

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